A Call To Action For All Indians Overseas

Dear Friends and Fellow Citizens of India,

Aren't we upset about whats happening in India - Corruption, Rape, Terrorism,Drought and multiple problems? Yes for sure.

We wonder about it, discuss about it and i am sure, we feel too as to what can be done about it . Here's an opportunity

Lets get together to revive our Nation which is being victimized by multiple problems that deeply sadden us. 

"We are never too far to support our motherland. "

Sign up to support the cause -  OVERSEAS VOLUNTEER FOR A BETTER INDIA and become a member for FREE. Just how WE have been supporting all the causes on facebook, same way lets be a part of the revolution. Our country needs us. 

 Do not think that nothing is going to happen or no change is possible. The change has already begun and millions of people are hoping and waiting for our support . The time is ours and so is the chance - one hour a week for the country. If Egypt can do it so can WE.

Please spread the word among every possible INDIAN in USA or back home , share it on Facebook , whats app and all possible means. 

You can always contact me for the volunteer opportunities. Lots is there to be done, lets begin by signing up.

Join The Movement And Rebuild The Nation

India today is racked by multiple problems and issues. For the most part, we are responsible for allowing this to happen, by sitting by quietly.  Recognizing the need for change and intervention, the Volunteer for A Better India (VBI) movement was initiated. It was based on a recognition of the power of normal citizens to stand up and make a difference. 

Since VBI's inception in 2012, individuals from all strata of society and walks of life have volunteered in projects to bring hope and much needed solutions to hundreds of thousands across India. Some highlights:

1,000+ active projects running across India. 

Medical camps organized across 108 slums in Delhi to treat 10,000+ underserved slum dwellers.. 

20+ villages served in drought hit Maharashtra, bringing irrigation and drinking water to over 100,000 people

 he Overseas Volunteer For A Better India (OVBI) was started as a means to support their effort, and extend the scope of activities to issues affecting Indians overseas..

We invite you to join in and make a difference. Your one hour can make a difference. To learn more about this initiative, please see our website here.

To support the cause, please sign up here.

Also please like the OVBI Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OverseasVBI?fref=ts

Call for action video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut_jEHmW32g

Jai Hind,
The OVBI Team