India against Corruption; will the mission work

As India witnesses’ slugfest, where nothing seems sacrosanct, the role of India Against Corruption (IAC) and its prime crusader is being debated widely. While no one doubts the patriotic spirit and their zest for seeking accountability from governing class their immature rumbling has also put off many people in India. The maturity with which they had launched the campaign last April seems to have gone missing and all people see is an organization that is breathing fire like a Chinese dragon.

A lot of this immaturity could be the byproduct of Anna’s refusal to stand with IAC and Kejriwal in their political ambition. Hence, in a bid to secure more ground they are using every trick in the book and using any number of news hounding tactics as is possible. Although, himself a Magsaysay award winner Kejriwal was in Anna’s shadow till the breakdown happened between them. His relationship with Anna and other team members also soured as they felt that going political would be tantamount to disservice to their core support i.e. Aam aadmi, whose dislike for political power was seen in the initial days of their very successful campaign. But, the identity crisis seems to have rubbed on the IAC and its commander-in-chief, what else could explain the rash and brash way with which they are branding every politician as a corrupt!

But as in Shakespearean Hamlet, there seems to be a method in this madness. While, this madness and limelight has put the spotlight firmly on IAC and its chief Kejriwal, it has also made this fight between the corrupt political class and the crusader IAC epic worthy. Anna and his team have conveniently been sidelined and now the game is all about IAC and Kejriwal. All his actions and his team’s have been received with fanfare and now he is even being mobbed and asked for autographs and photographs! The young especially seems to have taken to him as they find in him not a man chained by his famous surname or political idiosyncrasy but an incorruptible, astute IIT man who could have made millions by same method as his peers but chose the path that was more dangerous and vicious.

That Kejriwal is at the helms of affairs of IAC seems to have worked for the organization as the people have started looking up to the organization with a hope of deliverance. Till now the IAC has made fast and furious strides in the echelons of power with sheer brute force, but now with people looking at it with hope, the IAC must bring into fore its plan of action. Seizing news hour may make for good propaganda, but it also must translate into votes.

In the end the IAC has to tell people what it can do, not what the others did not do. Or else, the momentum may be lost forever.