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As a memrial Day special 20 % flat and straight deep discount or our next QA batch starting this weekend. Training is given by US based company with crystal clear quality (www.anerp.net/www.aerpint.com) why to take training from India. eams are led by well educated western graduates o ensure the high quality education with deep fashion for teaching with unique in style of scenario based explaination capabilities.....un compromising quality... Test one of our Salesforce Demo Video on youtube, which we uploaded recently as per the request of students. https://youtu.be/Fe4qZ1dCVxQ An ERP is a Thought leader in Cloud Computing, BIG DATA & Data Analytics, who also offer QA/ BA training where testers are needs every area of software and IT projects. Who attended our training so far; IT project Manager, QA testers/ QA test Leads, Consultants of Oracle, SAP Consultants, Managers from GM finanicals, Deolitte Consultants are some of our students, though they are well and good at jobs they feel shortage of some skills in niche areas or want to know the flavor of cloud technologies and attend our classes. We made students get certify in the latest technologies they walk our the oor with smile and pride. We re-designed QA training curiculum to advance the knowledge of students/ working propressionals/ QA testers/entry level candidates who want to start thier career in IT. \"Testers are needed everywhere like ice creams with vanila flavor can be found in any store as some our fiends say\". QA (Manual/Automation) Selenium ETL testing Web Services Cloud Computing testing SAP Testing Mobile Apps Testing You are welcome to attend the individual QA courses like Selenium/ or ETL testing expand your skill set as stand alone module or as a total package also available. Who gets the job or makes career is who learn from leaders in a right way in the first place, practice, do take home exams and assignments and get certifications. The good olden days are gone. Only best out of best with refined quality with enriched skill set get through the interview door/ enjoy the voyage of IT projects..... --We don\\\'t promise but deliver-- Mentorship to how to represent yourself in best light for Job Mock Interviews Vendor Call Preparation Contact Ph: 469-867-6622 /469-248-8371 Email: info@aerpint.com / bhargavi@aerpint.com Web: www.anerp.net / www.aerpint.com